Do you remember that one dish you made, or that one recipe that you were given? Yeah me neither. I wanted a way to share the things I've made with my friends and family, so below is a collection of recipes I've gathered or "created" over the years. They evolve with us in the kitchen so always subject to change.

Apologies for some of the formatting and spelling, they used to live on a spreadsheet which became unmanageable. I've linked to the original source where possible, unfortunatley some of the links may be broken. Oh and don't worry I don't tell you my life story.

  1. 48-72hr pizza bases
  2. Apple puree
  3. Apple tart mamman blanc
  4. Baked onion bhaji
  5. Banana bread
  6. Beef wellington with roasted green beans and potatoes
  7. Black garlic and chipotle roast beef with beef dripping carrots
  8. Blackberry and apple nutty crumble
  9. Canja de galinha - chicken soup
  10. Carne porco alentajana
  11. Carrot and lentil soup
  12. Chapati
  13. Charred little gem with goats cheese pomegranete and pecans
  14. Cheese cake
  15. Chicken and chorizo bake
  16. Chicken biryani
  17. Chicken curry
  18. Chicken fajitas
  19. Chilli powder
  20. Oven chips
  21. Chips 2
  22. Twice cooked chips
  23. Chocolate balls
  24. Chocolate nutty fudge cake
  25. Cinamon scented orange and almond cake
  26. Cookie ganache thing
  27. Cranachan
  28. Creamy mussels
  29. Cucumber raita
  30. Curry
  31. Dates rolled in turkey breast
  32. Dead easy lemonade
  33. Farofa
  34. Feijão preto
  35. Foil wrapped salmon
  36. French bread pizza
  37. Half-and-half bread
  38. Hassleback veg
  39. Hazelnut praline
  40. Honey glazed pork
  41. Hot fudge
  42. Jerk chicken
  43. Joojeh kabob on taftoon bread
  44. Kale crisps
  45. Lamb tagine
  46. Lasange
  47. Lemon & blueberry cake
  48. Lemon chicken and cabbage soup over quinoa
  49. Marians mad house chilli
  50. Marina sauce for pizza
  51. Meatballs
  52. Mince pies
  53. Molhe a moda teresa lisboa
  54. Molten chocolate cake
  55. Morroccan mint tea
  56. Oat pancakes
  57. One pot cajun rice v1.0
  58. One pot cajun rice v2.0
  59. Orange sauce (with duck)
  60. Oven baked cod
  61. Oven baked feta and tomato
  62. Pan fried duck
  63. Panelletes
  64. Peanut butter
  65. Peri peri spring chicken
  66. Picanha (oven) - churrasco without a grill
  67. Pilau rice
  68. Pine nut tartlet
  69. Piri piri chicken
  70. Pizza base
  71. Popcorn
  72. Porco a moda da mariana
  73. Pork loin with fennel, chilli and garlic roast potatoes
  74. Porridge bread
  75. Portuguese clay pot rice
  76. Potatoes dauphinoise
  77. Raspberry cooulis
  78. Rice and peas
  79. Roast broccoli
  80. Roast sweet totties
  81. Roast totties
  82. Roasted butternut and bulgur wheat jumble
  83. Roasted cherry tomatoes
  84. Roasted fish with a hot, sour and sweet sauce
  85. Roasted spanish style stuff
  86. Roasted tomatoes with shirimp and feta
  87. Rosemary and garlic studded lamb
  88. Salmon crackling
  89. Scallops and chorzio with chilli and parsley
  90. Seitan bourguignon
  91. Slow cooker vegetable tagine
  92. Slow cooker venison stew
  93. 6 hour slow roasted pork shoulder
  94. Smash burgers
  95. Soya bechemel
  96. Spanish roast seabass
  97. Spatchcock roast chicken
  98. Spicy vegan lamb masala - carlas awesome curry
  99. Steamed rice
  100. Steamed salmon
  101. Taftoon bread
  102. Vegan blueberry, banana panckaes
  103. Vegan chocolate cake
  104. Vegan saag paneer - carlas awesome curry
  105. Veggie stuffed aubergine
  106. Wings - stugoo style
  107. Zereshk polo ba morgh (traditional)