Peanut butter

400g peanuts


  1. 400g Peanut butter, roasted in the skin for 15 min at 180.
  2. Pulse all for about a minute to create chunks, remove 1/4 of the mix, if you want it chunky. Blend for 1 min, should be like cous cous, mix with spoons and scrape down sides. Blend for another minute, it should be like wet sand, again, scrape down the side.
  3. Blend again for 1 more minute, until the mixture starts to roll around the side.
  4. Then add a minimum of 2 tbs of peanut oil ( i suppose it could be another oil), then add a pinch of salt (1 tsp level).
  5. Then blend for 1-2 minutes until everything is incorporated. Then at the end, add the chunks and pulse to incorporate.

Notes & thoughts

Suggested extras, 1 tsb leveled Cocao powder, or 1 tsp leveled of cinamon, if you're adding powder then probably add another tablespoon of oil, you can always blend more in if too thick.