Smash burgers

Ingredients List

  • (makes 4 big patties)
  • 500g of 20% beef (chuck)
  • Cheese slices
  • 4 'potato rolls' for shake shak style or bread rolls will do
  • Burger sauce (see Babish)
  • optional -fried onions, tomatoes, chilli."


  1. Divide into 4, balls keep it 'craggy', don't compress too much.
  2. season with salt and pepper and form
  3. leave for a few minutes for the seasoning to penetrate
  4. Make your stack ingredients
  5. tomato, cheese, onions, chilli etc.
  6. cut your buns and butter on the inside.
  7. toast the buns in the pan butter side down (medium/low heat)
  8. once the buns are done leave them to one side and wipe out any bread from the pan
  9. increase the heat to medium/high
  10. smash the meatballs using two spatulas (one to keep flat the other for pressure)
  11. fry until you see the edges start to crisp, and then flip when you see the juice on top start to come through
  12. when flipping use the spatula upside down to release the patty, then normal way up to flip.
  13. once flipped, place a slice of cheese on top of the patty
  14. cook for a few minutes to melt the cheese.
  15. stack the patty, sauce on the bottom, 2 patties, other stuff, lettuce on top.
  16. The burger then enters your face through your mouth hole."

Notes & thoughts