Portuguese clay pot rice

Ingredients List

  • rice
  • chorizo
  • bacon
  • olive oil
  • rice


  1. preheat the oven with a clay pot inside.
  2. fry olive oil, garlic bacon and chorizo in a pan, hot fry.
  3. when things are just starting to brown add the rice. fry it the rice until it starts to pop/jump.
  4. add 2x water as you did rice then transfer to the hot clay pot.
  5. add slices of chorizo to the top of the rice.
  6. roast, uncovered for 15-20 min until the top part of the rice starts to turn crispy.

Notes & thoughts

Can also do this on 180 in a regular oven or with a normal pan. bacon / chorizo interchangeable, can use either or both